Duo Massarelli

French style Bal folk from Apulia!

Duo Massarelli is Tommaso with his chromatic accordion and Carlo who plays ethnic woodwinds. After several years playing regional music, two cousins from Apulia travel to northern Italy.

They discover very interesting Inew music, genres, instruments and dances. In Turin, Piedmont, with the people of Marmelada d'Oc they learned that culture of occitan and french dances have a lot things in common with southern style music so they start studying classics from Balfolk and also composing new original songs, based on existing dance structures. The instrument they use are: diatonic accordion, clarinet, flute, bagpipes, shawms. 

In 2013, thanks to a good crowdfunding campaign come out their first record: Musique en vogue. From Apulia to Provence lands, the Duo plays traditional tunes from France and Occitan territory, few tunes by other authors and some original pieces: Mazurka, Scottish, Jigs / Circassien Circle, Polka, Rondeau, Vals in 3 and 5 metric, Bourrée, etc.

The couple sometimes joins other musicans becoming trio, quartet or quintet. The musicians that collaborated with them in studio or live concerts are:

Fabrizio Filippelli: classic guitar, violin
Simone Lombardo: hurdy gurdy, pipes
Andrea Beltramone: frame drums, cajón, percussions
Luca Rampinini: soprano sax
Pepperino Leone: modern tambourine
Francesca Dipierro: voice
Messer Frisé: bagpipes and flutes

You can listen to, buy and download here the tracks of the CD Musique en vogue:

Here you can listen to a preview of new original mazurka, dedicated to a couple of beautiful children, Ruben and Santiago!

Most important shows

Festival dello Scorpione, Taranto (It)
Festival Traditionnel au Pays du Galoubet, La Motte (Fr)
Festi Baleti, Saorge (Fr)
Boulegan a L'Ostal, Saint Jean du Gard (Fr)
Concert a bal Creative Commons, Chantillon en dois (Fr)

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