My name is Carlo and I am an audiovisual engineer, expert in audio digital processing and a multi-instrumental musician, with few different active proyects between Italy and Mexico.

I born in Brindisi in the 1985 and for more than 10 years I've been playing ethnic music and I've been studying traditional instruments from different regions of the worlds. My activity starts in Apulia with the pizzica pizzica tarantella, apulian traditional dance, well known all over the world.

Travelling with my music all over Italy, in Europe and in the last few years in America, I learned new music, dances, instruments that captured my attention and pushed me into a "fusion style", very typical of my music.

I live between Apulia, Piedmont and Mexico, where I have a recording production studio.


I am graduated in Cinema and Media Engineering at Turin Politechnic in 2010 and in Audio Digital Mastering at Alta Scuola di Perfezionamento Musicale of Saluzzo (Italy) in 2012. I also studied at ITESM Tec de Monterrey (Qro., Mexico) and I had an internship at PCM Audio of Rome learning cinema and tv dubbing. Then I used to work as sound engineer and video editor at Mercurius Network in Turin and I teached audio processing at Information Faculty of Engineering of Turin Politechnic, under Prof. Ing. Antonio Servetti's courses.