El Temporal

Son jarocho fusion from highlands of Chiapas


El Temporal is a band founded in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas from 2006. With its new proposal of mixing traditional mexican music with other folk sounds of the world, they bring us to a musical journey around the traditions. The original band was founded by four walking souls who met at the other side of the world. Actually the band is composed by: Amalia Schargrodsky (Argentina), Carlo Massarelli (Italy), Güicho Vargas (Mexico) and Nico del Pan (France).

"We're in love with traditional music so we play son jarocho, a mexican genre that exists thanks to the melting pot of different cultures: african, indigena, arabic and spanish; that were mixed four centuries ago in the state of Veracruz." (Amalia)

The instruments used are: jarana jarocha, bass, cajón, quijada, tambourine, diatonic accordion, flute, clarinet, bagpipes and shawm.

El Temporal plays a mix of traditional "sones" and some original songs and the arrangements use sounds that are not typical from Veracruz region. So their sound results new, very attractive. On 2010 the band publish their first CD "Flor de Jarana" and on spring 2019 they publish the second album. You can listen an audio promo here:


Son Jarocho Fusion

Today the son jarocho is one of the mexican genres well played all around the world because represents the return of the people to their traditions and we, as foreigners (or migranrs) on these lands, fusion it with ethnic sounds from other places of the world.

The new album: Son Migrante

"La Migración" is the song that let the new CD "Son Migrante" exist and is our original composition that talks about a very complex and actual theme, that we, as artists, need to support. Why? "Because we all are from the same place, a world without borders, but divided with imaginary lines plotted by crayon. One world, so much unfair and unequal, where racism became normal and life is so difficult for the people who have less and borders are easily to cross for people who have more.

As human beings always we walked moved by desire, starving and sometimes the need to discover new places. No one says that is easy to leave your roots, your home, your family; but sometimes our foot and our hearts are made for flying high and far away."

NEW VIDEO: La Migración ft. I Troll

Son Migrante a Teatro (preview)