Recording Studio

In San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, I have my little studio where I spent most of my time between one concert and another. Here I compose, arrange, play, record and mix my CDs. My services:

Pre production

Arrangements, choice of the instruments and definition of the parts


Multi track recording on non linear digital audio workstation (DAW).


Editing and mixing of recorded tracks.


Mastering of mixed songs for perfect results on most of reproduction speakers.

Graphic design

Graphic and packaging design of the final product.


Professional printing and duplication of the final product.

Past works

2020, Mixing (educational)
2018, Recording and mixing
2016, Entire production
2013, Entire production
2019, Recording and mixing
2018, Entire production
2015, Entire production
2013, Post production and mastering
2019, Entire production
2017, Recording and sound design
2014, Recording and mixing
2012, Entire production


I also offer consulting services on musical production, sound engineering and acoustic treatment of internal spaces.