Tempus Mutatur

From 1217 medieval trance and celtic music. Ancient and original songs in more than ten different languages.

Tempus Mutatur is a time travel to past. The band was founded in Chiapas, Mexico, by Florian Mast, a travelling musician expert in medieval music.

The band proposes a more or less ancient repertory (1400-1900 AD) from Europe and the Mediterranean (Ireland, France, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Egypt), played with the typical instruments of various regions and times: bagpipes, bouzouki, oboes and traditional clarinets, but with a modern attitude.

Tempus Mutatur sing in more than 10 different languages, some of which are very old or extinct. Through the aboriginal didgeridoo the band is able to recreate the so-called "medieval trance" that will take you back to the time of taverns and fights with swords.

Musician and instruments

Floripondius Germanicus - voice, bouzouki irlandés
Ser Charlez - bagpipes, oboes, flutes and chalumeaux
Maximus Tubus Lungus – didgeridoo
Nicodemus Panquemadus - drums, darbuka, cajón and percussions

Guest musicians

Güichus Stradivarius - violin, mandolin
Frater Tomasius – tambourines

On November 2016 comes the band's first record: Qui Sumus (who we are, in Latin). Press play to listen to some parts of the album:


ìViva Tanfana!

Una experiencia de Historia Viva

Live @ La Catrina, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 2017

Espectáculo callejero

Live @ Bar Revolución

Fiesta medieval @ Tonantzin