Collettivo Musicale In.con.tra.da

Incontri, Contaminazioni, Tradizioni, Da sud a nord

In.Con.Tra.Da. (In-Contri, Con-taminazioni, Tra-dizioni, Da Sud a Nord) was born in Turin in the year 2000 with the aim of promoting the artistic expressions - between music and dance - typical of southern Italy and more generally of the entire Mediterranean area.

The group begins to gather musicians, dancers, artists, creative and amateurs with the purpose of creating moments of fusion, using the traditional element as an instrument of integration. The urban context offers the synthesis between territorial dimensions and cultural expressions allowing the project In.Con.Tra.Da. to become an interesting proposal in the folk panorama: concerts, shows, dance and percussion workshops, events, collaborations with institutions, teaching projects are concrete representations of the In.Con.Tra.Da. performance.

The project heals their shows by investing in moments of participation and empathic integration of the public. The meetings between artists and spectators is a formative opportunity for mutual exchange and social interaction represents a constant growth capital.

The group organizes periodic workshops of investigation of:

  • Specific techniques of the ethnic percussions of southern Italy;
  • Dance techniques in local variants;
  • Approach to the traditional dances of the southern Italy;
  • Approach to the basic techniques of tambourines

and is open to concrete proposals from groups interested in specific aspects of the musical tradition of southern Italy.

People and instruments

Francesco Montanaro - voice, tambourines, percussions
Emiliano Berchio - voice, classic guitar
Giulia Campagna – castañuelas, dance
Luca Barrotta - voice, cromatic accordion
Fabrizio Filippelli - violin, mandolin, battente guitar
Carlo Massarelli - flutes, clarinet, oboes, bagpipes

In 2010 come out their first CD: Live @ Art in Town. Press play and listen to some songs:
In 2017 the band start working on his second album: press play and listen to some previews:

Most important shows

Festival cultura Amazigh Féz (Marocco)
Università itinerante della cultura popolare, Sassari (It)
Festival dell'oralità Popolare, Torino (It)
Eventi StreetFood, Torino e provincia (It)
Fête de la Musique, Parigi (Fr)
Collegno Folk Festival (It)
Carmagnola Folk Festival (It)
Paratissima, Torino (It)
Sgrana e traballa, Firenze (It)
Segreti e sapori, Taranto (It)

Live @ Officine Corsare, Torino

Pizzica pizzica a Villa Castelli (BR)

Franco Montanaro sullo stile della tammurriata